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Anti Photo-Radar & Anti Laser Products
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Ontrack Automotive Accessories - Success Stories

Below you will find some unsolicited reviews of our anti photo-radar & anti laser products from the most important people on earth, our customers!

Brenda W. Scottsdale, AZ
"Both my husband and I have had your Protector on our car now for a year. We have been flashed a few times, but never received even a ticket. Your products work great!"

Bob T., Denver, CO
"Your products work great. I purchased 3 covers for the guys in our office, and they are now ordering them for their kids, wives and girlfriends cars. This product is excellent (Super Protector). The Laser Shield thingy is very useful also, and I have one on each car".

John T., London, England
"We got a couple of your covers for our number plates. They are damn good. No more GATSO tickets! Jolly good product from the other side of the pond. Cheers!"

Danika C., Charlotte, NC
"A very useful product, I must say. I know that they got me with that red light camera, but it's 3 months later, and no ticket in the mail!! Thanks ON TRACK."

Roger H., Melbourne, Australia
G'day mate! Your tag covers are on each of my 3 cars. I found out about your product in an article of our local Fast Fours magazine, when they tested it. Those nasty cameras hiding in the bush have no chance of getting a good one on me."

Isabella S., New York, NY
"It's hard not to speed in my new Z06 Corvette. This car is a target, even if I am not trying to speed. Thanks to your covers, I feel safe on the road. No tickets since installing the covers."

Jose F., Mesa, AZ
"I have a Protector and a Laser Shield. They work good. I have them now for a few years and like them. I am ordering a few more to give away as presents for my family and friends. Keep up the good work. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks!"
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