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Anti Photo-Radar & Anti Laser Products
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Products - browse our inventory of anti radar, anti laser and anti toll camera products.

Product Selector - product Application chart for ON TRACK Products.

Toll Free Protector - makes your vehicle invisible to toll road cameras!

Original Protector - beat Photo-Laser & Photo-Radar with this licence plate cover.

Overhead Protector - designed to defeat photo radar cameras mounted high overhead usually on poles, bridges, or overpasses.

Super Protector - Super protector is designed to defeat photo radar & Laser cameras from side and above angles.

Photo Stopper - Photo Stopper REFLECTS photo radar flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket!

Laser Shield - This license plate lens works to absorb & diffuse the incoming laser gun beam.

Total Eclipse - The Total Eclipse is a combination Anti-Laser/Photo Radar Licence Plate Cover.

Photo Fog - Photo Fog is removable spray on anti-flash defense against photo radar, red light cameras, and speed cameras.

Be A Dealer - ON TRACK is your full service supplier of sprays and high quality plate covers, Profit up to 416%!

Product Reviews

Video & Audio Reviews - Ontrack Automotive as seen on TV - Anti-radar & Anti-Laser Product Reviews.

Scam Alert - There are companies out there making cheap copies! Beware of these products! Save your money!

Magazine Reviews - Ontrack Automotive as seen on print, What do the critics say - Anti-radar & Anti-Laser Product Magazine Reviews.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy From ON TRACK - The leader in innovative products to protect you from Photo Radar and Police Laser Guns.

Success Stories - unsolicited reviews of our anti photo-radar & anti laser products from our customers!

Send Testimonial - We'd love to hear your story about how our products saved you from a speeding or traffic light camera ticket!

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Common Questions - Product information, Frequently asked questions and photo radar explained.

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About ON TRACK - ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp. - The world's largest manufacturer of innovative anti-radar and anti-laser products!

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