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Ontrack Product Reviews - The Globe and Mail (TORONTO)

Product ReviewUpset about the news that Toronto plans to expand its red-light camera program? Think you should be able to blow through stoplights and endanger other people's lives with impunity? Spy Tech, the midtown gadget shop, carries something called Photo Stopper -- an eight-ounce bottle costs $19.95 -- that might do the trick. Store owner Ursula Lebana said if you spray it on your licence plate, it forms a near-invisible reflective coating that bounces the flash used in red-light cameras back at the lens, blanking out your plate number. The dozen or so bottles left in stock last week sold out just hours after the provincial government announced it would allow the red-light camera pilot projects in Toronto, Halton, Peel, Waterloo, Hamilton and Ottawa to continue, and allow other municipalities to set up their own. "They have been very concerned about their privacy," Ms. Lebana said of her customers, who have already snapped up half of her next shipment of 100 bottles in advance. "They don't want to be on all these cameras and things." Ms. Lebana said she thinks many buying the spray just want to avoid paying $190 fines when they go through a red light inadvertently, while making a left turn or when traffic is gridlocked. She added that drivers looking to use the spray to save money on the 407, which also uses cameras to snap pictures of licence plates, will be disappointed. Ms. Lebana said the Canadian-made spray doesn't seem to work on the highway. Representatives from Toronto's red-light camera program could not be reached for comment.

But Dr. Gridlock is more interested in what his readers think, anyway. Are red-light cameras a good thing? And what about the next logical step, photo radar?


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