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Ontrack Automotive Accessories - Finder’s Fee / Referral Program

referral program

For example, someone contacts you and wants to be a re-seller of ON TRACK products. You decide that you do not want to supply them yourself, and so you refer them to ON TRACK. Your reasons for doing this may be varied, and may include getting requests from other countries into which you do not want to ship.

How it works: Recommend us to another wholesaler that we have not had prior contact with. If they start to buy from ON TRACK, you receive a finder's fee as our way of saying "Thanks!"

Why we do this: ON TRACK would rather give our advertising dollars to you as our dealer/distributor, rather than to someone we do not know, like magazines or other advertising media. Most of ON TRACK’s business has been built on referrals.

How much money can I make?
You can do this with as many referrals as you want. This can amount to significant dollars in your pocket!

Duration: Payments are made to you for as long as the referred customer remains a loyal customer of ON TRACK. So you could potentially receive payments from ON TRACK for many years.


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