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Anti Photo-Radar & Anti Laser Products
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Anti-radar & Anti-Laser Magazine Reviews - Ontrack Automotive as seen in... Print

ON TRACK products have appeared in reputable media such as:

  • TV advertising on major US networks like TNN, MTV, ESPN, ESP2, HDLN
  • Hundreds of automotive magazines around the world.

A few automotive magazines ON TRACK products have been featured in around the world! These are not ads, but reviews of our products.

Fast Fours & Rotaries (AUSTRALIA)
Read Review in pdf format
The Globe and Mail (TORONTO)
Read Review
Old Car Trader (USA)
Product Review

Sport Compact Car (USA)
Read Review
 InCar Entertainment (AUSTRALIA)
Read Review
Streetwise Confidential (UK)
Read Review

Max Power (USA) - Photo Fog review.
"Legal way of preventing tickets..."
Roundel (USA) - Photo Fog mentioned
in letters to the editor.
Biker (USA) - ON TRACK products

Notiziario Motoristico (ITALY)
Laser Shield review.
Popular Hot Rodding (USA)
Laser Shield review.
Aftermarket Business (USA)
Laser Shield review.

Automobiel Management Newspaper
Laser Shield review.
Motor Cycle Industry Magazine (USA)
Laser Shield review.
911 & Porsche World
Read Review

Performance BMW (UK)
Read Review
RPM for Truckers (USA)
Laser Shield review.
Super Street (USA)
Laser Shield review.

The Golf (UNITED KINGDOM), Laser
Shield review. "Dodgy Laser Thing"
Automundo (USA) - Photo Fog review.
"La formula especial del spray anti-
radar Photo Fog".
Auto (ITALY)
Photo Fog review.

Laser Shield review. "Shielded
Protection" via the Laser Shield.
Leeuwarder Courant (HOLLAND)
Photo Fog review in "Car News"
Quattroroute (ITALY)
Laser Shield review.

Auto & Camion Internacional (USA
Another Protector review. ".cubiertas
para matriculas anti-radar."
Roadracing World (USA)
Anti-photo radar covers review.
Golf Xtreme (UK)
Photo Fog Review.

Mopar Collector's Guide (USA)
Read Review
Car Audio & Electronics (USA)
Photo Fog review.
Truck Accessory News (USA)
Clear splashguards "Protect paint,
maintain appearance"

Western Driver (CANADA)
Photo Fog review.
Automobil (SOUTH AFRICA)
Protector review. "A new way to
"protect" motorists".
CB Industry News (CANADA)
Anti-radar cover review.

Auto & Camion Internacional (USA)
Protector review. ".cubiertas para
matriculas anti-radar."
Street Machine (UK)
Protector review. "My god, it's
MG World (UK)
Read Review

5.0 Mustang (USA)
Read Review
Corvette Fever (USA)
Protector review. "Tonight on
Cops!.will keep you one step ahead
of Johnny Law"
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords (USA)
Protector review. ".latest defense
against speed traps."

Suomen Autolehti (FINLAND)
Protector review.
Autocar (UK)
Protector review. ".Gatso-proof
number plates."
Import Automotive
Parts & Accessories (USA)
Anti-radar product review.

Chilton's Automotive Marketing (USA)
Protector review
Trucking Times Online (USA)
Anti-radar license plate cover review.
U.S. Automotive Export News (USA)
Protector review.

Which Motorcycle? (UK)
Read Review
Performance VW (UK)
Read Review
Auto (ITALY)
Protector review. "Targhe Anti-Multa."

Land Rover World (UK)
Read Review
Fast Bikes (UK)
Read Review
BMW Car (UK)
Read Review

Trucking Times (USA)
Clear Splashguards review.
"Clearguards protect investment."
Popular Mechanics (USA)
Clear Splashguards review. "keep
stones and debris from chipping
your car's paint.."
Corvette Fever (USA)
Clear Splashguards review. "Thanks to
ON TRACK..there's now a clear
difference that can keep your paint
looking like new."

Old Car Trader (USA)
Grease Nipple Protector review
European Car (USA)
Grease Nipple Protector review.
"Finally, a foolproof way to keep your
grease nipples clean."
Clear Splashguard review.
"Clearly there"

Specialty Automotive (USA)
Clear Splashguard review.
Corvette & Chevy Trader (USA)
Clear Splashguard review. "The clear
alternative to ugly splashguards."
Ford and Mustang Trader (USA)
Clear Splashguard review. "Clearly all too obvious solution".

America Trucking on the Road
Vol. 8, #12,
Orlie's Lowriding Magazine (USA)

Sport Auto (FRANCE) #436
Elaborare (ITALY)
Photo Fog review
Svet Motoru (CZECH REPUBLIC) #27
Photo Fog review

Mundo Recambio y Taller (SPAIN)
Protector review. "Soluciones a las
mustas del radar"
Auto Fan (CHINA)
Elaborare (ITALY)
License plate cover review

South African 4X4 (SOUTH AFRICA)
Sport-Auto (FRANCE)
Protector review. (kryty na tabulky
znacek SPZ automobilu)

Tire Review (USA)
Clear Splashguard review
Auto Trim & Restyling News (USA)
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords (USA)

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