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Laser Shield ®  

If you've been shot, you've been got! But fortunately the LASER SHIELD is now available. Your proven defense against Laser Guns! Don't get a $150 ticket - get the LASER SHIELD instead!

  • Does not obstruct view of license plate numbers. Legal to use in most areas!
  • This specially designed Anti-laser license plate lens works to absorb and diffuse the incoming laser beam. This significantly shortens the effective distance of the laser gun
  • A 5-minute installation is all that is required.
  • Thin enough to slip into most license plate frames easily.
  • The special material will not yellow and is guaranteed shatterproof under normal operating conditions.
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From $19.95* car & $9.95* bike

Laser Shield the anti-laser license plate cover
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Laser Shield: Anti-Laser #1 Laser Shield: Anti-Laser #2 Laser Shield: Anti-Laser #3
Laser Shield: Anti-Laser #3    

How do laser guns work?

Laser guns work by emitting a laser beam which is bounced off a flat, reflective surface on your vehicle. Your license plate is the preferred area of the vehicle that a laser is pointed against by the operator. Conventional laser detectors are ineffective. Even if you do detect the beam, it's too late. You're caught! Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes.

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Why our “LASER SHIELD” is the best:

Laser Shield by ON TRACK Other inferior products
Works very well against Laser Guns!   Do not really work against laser, no matter what they say. They just copied text from our website.
The Laser Shield does not obstruct view of plate numbers! Barely visible on plate.   Attract police attention. Weird lenses or pour-on coatings obstruct view of your plate. Not legal.
ALL domestic and international motorcycle sizes available. Custom sizes available at no additional cost.   No international car sizes available, No motorcycle sizes available.
Exact die-stamped mounting SLOTS to match actual license plate (some countries), which allows for vehicle variances.   Round HOLES do not allow for mounting variances. May need re-drilling by customer.
Laser Shield is made of durable, high quality plastic material. Will not yellow or turn brittle over time.   Made from acrylic or other inferior plastics that crack and yellow over time, making plate hard to read and attracting attention.
Ultra-thin (0.02”) to fit into most license plate frames.   Too thick (e.g. 1/8”) to fit into license plate frames.
Written guarantee to be shatterproof.   Inferior plastics like bubble covers easily shatter upon impact. No guarantees.
Laser Shield is manufactured by ON TRACK, a name associated with quality products.   Not manufactured by us.

The choice of the ON TRACK product is clear!

1-Year Limited Warranty:
In the unlikely event that any ON TRACK product should break within one (1) year from the date of purchase under normal use, ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp. will replace the product free of charge, provided the item is returned to us via your place of purchase, with the original proof of purchase showing purchase date.

 Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes. * Prices shown are ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp.'s suggested US retail prices only. Retailer prices may vary. Price subject to change without notice.

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