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Anti Photo-Radar & Anti Laser Products
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Anti-Radar Inventor Information - Ontrack Automotive Accessories

Inventors of anti-radar products – ON TRACK wants to hear from you!

ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp.'s goal is to design, source and develop innovative new anti-radar and anti-laser devices for automotive and motorcycle use, to supplement our existing line of products.

Our flagship products, the Super Protector and PhotoStopper, have been very successful - we have sold over a quarter million units in the past eight years. Now we are looking for innovative other products that we can market through our distribution channels and achieve the same success.

Many companies and individual inventors have developed ideas or products for anti-radar use that could be very successful in the marketplace. ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp. is interested in partnering with you to successfully develop and market your product or idea, using our extensive domestic and international distribution channels.

If you believe you have an idea or a product that could be a success, we want to hear from you!


Complete and fax or email the following information to us:
  • Your name.
  • Complete address.
  • Telephone, email, and fax numbers.
  • Describe your product or idea, and what stage the invention is in (idea, prototype or in production?).
  • Describe your patent search background and current application status.
  • Describe your manufacturing and cost details known to date.

If we select your idea or product for further consideration, we will notify you and send you two copies of our Confidential Disclosure Agreement.

  • Complete and sign both copies of the Confidential Disclosure Agreement and return them to us. We will return one signed copy to you for your records.


  • We recommend that you protect yourself. Invest in an attorney to patent your idea or product. ON TRACK is more interested in ideas or products with strong patents.
  • Put any patents in your name.
  • If you have limited funds or resources, strong patents might be the best place to make your investment.
  • If you have already tried to market your product, or if it has already been sold at retail, describe your experience and results, and include all relevant details.
  • The name of the product is important, but the idea or product concept itself is more important than the name. If you feel the name is worth protecting, contact an attorney to have the name trademarked.
  • ON TRACK must own the trademark name of all products we market.
  • Be realistic in your expectations of the financial reward you could receive for your idea or product.
  • The ideas or products with the greatest chances of success solve a problem or meet an established need, are unique, and have wide appeal.

ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp.
P.O. Box 535, Blaine, WA 98231-0535
Phone: 604-538-7362 Fax: 604-538-7350

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