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Anti Photo-Radar & Anti Laser Products
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Anti-Radar, Anti-Photo, Anti-Laser Products - beat speeding tickets and red-light cameras!

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Product Application chart for ON TRACK Products

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*1. Most common type of photo radar and photo lazer.
*2. Use in areas where a front plate is used (mount on front plate only). Laser is not shot from the back
*3. Use in areas a) where a front license plate is used (mount on front plate) or b) areas where rear laser is used (mount on rear plate). Otherwise use appropriate Protector to cover plate exposed to direction of photo radar.
*4. ON TRACK does not manufacture radar detectors or jammers.
*5. Mount Laser Shield on front plate and Super Protector or TollFree Protector on rear plate. Get a good radar detector if your budget allows.
*6. Best choice if you do not know where photo radar or photo laser is positioned. Covers all common angles.
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