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IR Invisi-Plate ®  

New High-Tech Innovation: 100% clear cover blocks infrared cameras !!

Designed to defeat: Photo Radar, Red Light Cameras, Toll Road Cameras, Red Flash and any camera type that uses infrared recording!

  • 100% clear! No unwanted attention from law enforcement.
  • Plate visible to naked eye from any angle. Ultimate stealth!
  • Beat costly tickets! Save $$$ on tolls & tickets. How much could you save?
  • High-tech defense against new police tricks!
  • Works day or night!
  • Installs in only seconds! Ultra-thin! Fits all plate frames!
  • Guaranteed shatterproof!
  • Sizes for all countries available! Get one NOW!
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Anti-Infrared Camera Number Plate Cover

The IR Invisi-Plate was placed only over right side of license plate in the photos for demonstration purposes. Actual un-retouched photos

What is the IR Camera Blocker?

It is your ONLY proven defense against Infrared cameras! No other cover can do what this one does! Blocks all infrared light above 720 nm, the band in which IR cameras work. Plus, plate numbers always remain visible to the eye to comply with most regulations. Plate numbers can not be recorded nor ticket issued!

Audio & Video Reviews
What are infrared cameras
They use infrared (IR) flash and IR photography (outside the visible spectrum, above 720 nm wavelength). Thus an IR flash is normally not visible to the naked eye. A faint "Red Flash" is sometimes visible due to light spillover.
Where are they used?
Used on toll roads, & for speed enforcement (photo radar) all over the world, including the UK, Czech Republic, Norway, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, USA, & other countries.
Common Camera Brands:
Truvelo, Specs, LaserCraft, Gatso, Multanova, Vitronic, & Nestor Traffic Systems
Fees & Fines:
Did you know? For example, the London, UK congestion charge is up to £150 ($300 USD) per DAY for heavy vehicles & is enforced with infrared cameras! They also use them for speed photo radar fines. How much could you save where you drive???
Why are they used?
Advantage of infrared flash is that it does not blind drivers at night (like normal flash would), when they aim for the driver's face & front plate. Since the flash can not be seen, cameras remain stealthy and ready to get you again the next time.

 Note: this product is NOT intended for use with regular visible-light cameras. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes.

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